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Game titles we have developed, published, programmed or ported for us or our clients.

Spy Class

Spy Class


Take existing Flash based game demo and port to HTML 5 / CSS, with primary target being iPad / iOS. Update content as needed when porting.


  • Code HTML 5 / CSS based version based on originally supplied code / content
  • Work with external developer in France to integrate some code portions
  • Successfully ported title demo across to HTML 5
  • Liaise with Fractal Media (client) and GOATi Outsourcing staff to ensure delivery
  • Test & deliver demo application builds to client / Jacaranda publishing

Key Tools and Technologies

  • git / source control / build practices
  • browsers and web coding tools / practices


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Monkey Mini Golf

Monkey Mini Golf

Monkey Mini Golf for Windows Phone platform was published in 2011 by Ignition Studios and made it to the top 10 for the platform, with promotion by Microsoft and Nokia.


  • First published title by Ignition Studios
  • Title reached top 10 for platform, 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Market, publish and distribute
  • Translate title into German, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, French
  • Utilize our Taiwanese partners, B Plus to distribute and market in Asian markets
  • Perform bug fixes, enhancements and maintenance
  • Featured articles, interviews and media from Microsoft and Nokia
  • Featured as part of Microsoft Australia Mango release
  • Featured by Nokia

Key Tools and Technologies

  • XNA, C#, Maya, Custom code and pipeline engine
  • Custom game engine code
  • Visual Studio and coding tools / practices


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